vk3The ongoing development in greenhouse construction is also visible in the work by Verkade Beton. The incorporation of robotics is a development with large consequences for the flatness of a concrete floor. Also the upcoming of different cultivations demands a larger diversity of solutions in concrete floors. With almost 4 million square metres of experience we know what we are talking about. A high grade of flatness, with minimal puddle formation, and evenly watered plants. With this experience we are able to advise you about the number of gutters, the slope and the number of drains necessary. Together with you we decide upon the optimal concept per project, based on your cultivation and the size of your company. We know our business, which is important as the concrete floor is one of the most important parts in greenhouse building.

The scale of our organisation is a guarantee for our work. We handle around 20 hectares per year, and whether we have projects of 500 m2 or 30,000 m², we still remain flexible in the cooperation with other suppliers and the construction crew.

bedrijfsvloerA large or a smaller work area, with Verkade Beton you have the guarantee that we arrange everything for you. The way we handle the work shows our experience. We take all the different soils into account, and we know how to translate constructive demands into the perfect floor. A floor which combines optimal flatness with perfect drainage. We are used to making construction perfectly worry-free. From probing and constructional calculation until the end result, we create a work area to be proud of!





vk4The developments in running a greenhouse company are changing the work of Verkade Beton. Upscaling, but also the wide spread implementation of internal transportation systems demand a different approach. Internal transport needs to be taken into account at an early stage in the build. At Verkade Beton we are used to paying attention to all the details, and to work together with all the different parties involved.

We know that the build and reinforcement of concrete paths are getting more and more important in the concrete path concept. Which means work for Verkade Beton, work for a company fit to produce concrete paths, based on the demands of the clever customer.



laadkuilLoading docks are essential to transport goods as efficiently as possible, which is why the integration of one or more loading docks is more and more common in a project. At Verkade Beton we like to create the perfect solution with our customer. As our client you will have the certainty of having a loading dock which is perfectly fit to your needs. We take the measurements, height of the truck loading floor, and the product into account. Each situation is different, and sometimes there is limited space. We have a practical view on the matter, and can advise you beyond the drawing board. From simple to complex: Verkade Beton has the solution, from one leveller to a line of several dozen.



betongotenUpscaling in greenhouse businesses demands new solutions for transporting goods over increasing distances. Not only in flowers but also when growing vegetables. Internal transportation systems are getting more important every day. Transport gutters can be an efficient solution in many cases, above and below ground, and integrated in the concrete path.

Verkade Beton has much experience in creating transport gutters, whether it is about single or double gutters. In close contact with our client and the supplier of the internal transportation system we create an optimal system. And we are able to arrange our work in coordination with the other partners in construction.


wkkfundatieThe large scale implementation of heat and power plants in greenhouse construction demands an optimal solution for the foundation. Verkade Beton is specialised in creating foundations for gas turbines and complete heat and power installations. That implementation is different for each build. It can range from a floor of 0,20 metres to a floor of no less than 1.3 metres in thickness. You may expect to get the right floor, fit for the demands. We do not only pour the floor with the greatest precision, but we are also of service with probing, constructional calculations and possible piling.

We can also create a place for your heat and power installation in an existing work space.kunnen we ook in bestaande bedrijfsruimte een locatie voor de opstelling van een WKK-installatie realiseren.



wot fundatieAre you considering investing in a heat storage tank? Then creating the concrete foundation is work for Verkade Beton. In the past years we have literally laid the foundation for a large number of heat storage tanks with various capacities, ranging from 100 to 20.000 m³ tanks. We know the demands, yours and the council's. We can create the foundation for vertical and horizontal,  round, octagonal, steel or concrete tanks. We also provide probing, constructional calculation and piling.




keldersVerkade Beton also specializes in the construction of basements. We have realised basements in greenhouse construction, utility builds and other sectors. There are practically no boundaries to size or possibilities. We have also created basements under existing houses. This requires a precision with which we are well known. Whether it is a basement of 5 m³ or one of 1500 m³.






funderingenOften Verkade Beton is at the start of a construction project: as supplier of the foundation. We are then literally a supplier which you can build on. Based on the specifications we can create a perfect floor. Our power lies in the experience we have gathers with many concepts in concrete foundations. From several formworks to specialised ways of economically pouring concrete.





overigenA website can never be as complete as we would like. Not even this site by Verkade Beton. We have shown you a large part of our specialisation. The width of our service undoubtedly gives you a good impression of our concrete radius. If your project demands a specific implementation we invite you to contact us for advice!