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vk3The ongoing development in greenhouse construction is also visible in the work by Verkade Beton. The incorporation of robotics is a development with large consequences for the flatness of a concrete floor. Also the upcoming of different cultivations demands a larger diversity of solutions in concrete floors. With almost 4 million square metres of experience we know what we are talking about. A high grade of flatness, with minimal puddle formation, and evenly watered plants. With this experience we are able to advise you about the number of gutters, the slope and the number of drains necessary. Together with you we decide upon the optimal concept per project, based on your cultivation and the size of your company. We know our business, which is important as the concrete floor is one of the most important parts in greenhouse building.

The scale of our organisation is a guarantee for our work. We handle around 20 hectares per year, and whether we have projects of 500 m2 or 30,000 m², we still remain flexible in the cooperation with other suppliers and the construction crew.